Sounds Like… The Seekers

Samantha performs as Judith Durham. With a classically trained voice that is very similar to Judith’s, she can deliver a performance authentic in tone, mannerisms and costumes. She will have you laughing, clapping and singing along with famous and some less well known Seekers songs.

Samantha typically performs two 45 minute sets of songs, that cronicle the career of Judith Durham and The Seekers. It includes their group numbers, her solo songs, and the myriad of cover songs they performed (some of which were sung by the guys!)

A typical performance might include these songs:

A World Of Our Own

Georgy Grl

I’ll Never Find Another You

Island Of Dreams

Morningtown Ride

The Carnival Is Over

All Over The World

Danny Boy

I Am Australian


… just to name a few!

If you have an event in mind please contact Samantha here to discuss how she could perform for you.

Me and Judith comparison

Samantha is Judith Durham…

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